• Every soul matters to god

    God loves people, all people.  From our huge community events like Pumpkin Patch and Eggstravaganza, to our missions efforts around the world, we desire to love people the way God does!

  • Connect with God through Worship & Prayer

    We were created for relationship with God. It’s who we are!  The greatest way to experience that connection with Him is through worship and prayer. 

  • The bible is our guidebook for living

    The Bible is a road map; it's an instruction manual.  We want to make sure that we follow its instruction in the way we live our lives, and we make it the central focus of our teaching and ministry. 

  • Resolve Conflict Biblically

    If we really do love God and love people, that love should be evident when it is put to the test.  At First Assembly, we focus on resolving conflict in a way that honors Scripture and reflects God’s love. 

  • Everything is better in teams

    Serving in the local church is one of the best ways to connect with others, and our church will be stronger and more effective when we work together.

  • We must build healthy families

    We must build strong, healthy families!  We need strong marriages that stand the test of time.  We need to raise children who love their parents and are life-long followers of Jesus.  Growth must be a priority for our families.

  • our goal: life-long followers of jesus

    At First Assembly, it is our goal to see people become life-long followers of Jesus.  We want to see lost and broken people have an encounter with Jesus that changes their lives forever!